I. General

Do I have to be a Chemistry major to live at the house?

No, the house is open to students of all majors.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately we can't allow pets.

How much is parking?

There are parking spots on the property. Parking is assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Parking is at an additional cost. Please reach out to administrator@axshouse.net for more information.

Is the place quiet enough for studying?

Definitely, those that live in the house are professional and studious. Quite hours are Sunday-Thursday night and begin at 11pm.

Do I need to bring cups, plates, bowls, etc or are they provided?

The house provides all kitchenware and utensils. Residents are more than welcome to bring their own however.

Are there laundry facilities on-site?

Yes, we have an on-site commercial (coin operated) washer and dryer unit. The washer is $1.00 and the dryer is $0.50 per cycle.

II. Rent

How much is rent during the semester?

Rent is currently listed as $875 a month. This includes all utilities, internet, and food.

How much is the security deposit?

A security deposit equal to $1100.00 is required prior to move-in.

When do I have to pay rent?

Rent is due at the first of every month via Cedar Properties.

III. Utilities

What utilities are covered with rent?

Internet, electricity, gas, and trash are covered.

What kind of internet is provided?

The house uses both Cable and DSL internet. Internet access is available throughout the house via wireless as well as through wired Ethernet connections in each room.

IV. Rooms

Are single rooms available?

There are several single rooms in the house. Room selection is based on a priority system outlined in the House Bylaws. It is unlikely a new resident to the house will be able to move into a single room.

What size are the rooms?

Depends on the room, on average the rooms are the same size as double occupancy dorm rooms.

How many people share a room?

At most only two people share one room.

Are the rooms furnished?

Every room is furnished with a bed, desk, chair and dresser. Double rooms have two of each. There is also closet space available in every room.

What size are the beds?

The beds are twin size.

How does the bathroom situation work?

There is one large bathroom upstairs that is shared among 15 people. The other two bathrooms are shared by only two rooms (four people) each.

V. Responsibilities

What are my responsibilities when I live at the house?

As a resident of the house you will be responsible for the following:

Weekly chore: These jobs are assigned monthly and include tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming, or taking trash/recycling out. Weekly jobs usually take no more than 30 minutes per week.

Bathroom Cleaning: Each of the four bathrooms in the house are cleaned by a house resident every three days. Residents are assigned to clean the bathroom they use in the house.

Cleaning the Kitchen (During the semester): Each Sunday of the semester two residents are assigned to thoroughly clean the kitchen. This usually takes a total of three hours about twice a semester.

Cleaning the Kitchen (During the summer): Everyday during the summer months a resident is responsible for cleaning the kitchen. This usual takes two hours every twenty days.

House Workout: Once a semester the entire house spends one Saturday from 9am until 6pm (one hour for lunch) cleaning and fixing up the house. The house provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all residents. Previous projects have included painting the dining room and building the roof deck.

Clean after yourself: Residents are required to keep the public areas in the house as clean as possible. Always clean after yourself.